AUTOMATA have uploaded another song to our player on our facebook, check it out;

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resting up for Melbourne, drinking tea and playing some Left For Dead 2… (Chris)

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Tour Update #7

We are back from our whirlwind weekend in Tasmania with two days off now to relax and unwind before heading back out again. This coming friday we will be joined at the Noise Bar in Brunswick (Melbourne) by some fantastic bands. Of course our metal brothers Nemesphyxia will be there, but beyond that Orpheus, Obsidieth and Circadian Pulse. It is definitely an awesome night of music lined up so everyone who can be there should be.

Wrapping up our first week of touring just gone I would have to say it was fucking amazing. We played with so many great bands, met some fantastic people, and had an absolute ball.

We have to again shout out props to a few very important people who made this first week happen;

1. Sasha Lyons and Strike Hard bookings for supporting us in our pitch to play with Carnifex and Darkest Hour.

2. Joel Collie and Axiom Touring… you have been an absolute godsend mate. An absolute godsend!

3. Frank Biffin… The Man, The Myth… The Band? Yes all you guys. We hope everything works out for the best for your guitarist; who for those not in the know had an unfortunate accident after our show in Launceston on Friday where he lost a large proportion of his house to fire. Our thoughts are definitely with him and we wish we could do something to help!

4. Meticulous Despoilment, fuck you guys are nuts, thanks for making us feel at home with your antics and stupidity!

5. Every other band we played with, thank you!

6. Everyone who came and watched us.

7. Everyone who had a drink with us…

8. Shona and Marley for their help on Merch, and Camille for some awesome photos.



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Back in Launceston tomorrow, prepare yourselves!

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Tour Update no.6

Sitting around at the Brisbane Hotel in Hobart; it is pouring down rain here, listening to some strange music from the 40’s… War time jazz… But re worked to have animal noises go off occasionally.

Waiting for a parmigiana… Had one last night in Launceston… Royal Oak… 8/10… Not enough chips. Ha ha ha… Seriously… Good Parma!

Anyway… Onto the tour! Played the oak last night in Launceston and it was awesome. Huge thanks to Frank Biffin for the lend of the gear! We couldn’t have done it without you… And of course Simon from Zero Degrees Freedom for the lend of gear too… Thank you!

Also to Meticulous Despoilment! Awesome band, fantastic guys and prolific drinkers. Great guys and a huge Aussie talent!

We played great, about 90 people packed in a small space! To everyone who came out thanks!

Drove to Hobart thus morning. Tasmania is beautiful! I want to come and spend some real time here… And do some fishing and sight seeing.

First Hobart show went down great! Now to break Hobarts neck with a killer second show.first however… Its time for a parmigiana!!!

– Chris.

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Meticulous Despoilment are sick!!! This song is about Julia Gillard the cum guzzling whore. Ha ha ha.

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Pint of hazards I missed you…

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